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You Are My Blessing

You are my blessing,
You are the person I love,
The person I care about,
The person that helps me keeps going,
The person when everything else,
Seems to the point of too much pain,
Too much hardship,
Too much rain,
You are my blessing,
You are the simple easiness in my life,
You are a person I can count on,
Someone I love,
Someone I trust,
Someone I can put my faith into,
You are my blessing,
Something that is not complicated,
Something that feels right,
Something that feels that it belongs,
Even through all the craziness around,
And all the strife around us,
You are my safe harbor,
My anchor in this world,
You mean so much to me,
Sometimes I don’t know if you really do know,
Really can see,
Really can feel,
Everything that I feel for you,
Everything I have for you,
You are my blessing,
You are my truest joy,
My truest love,
My everything,
I love you my darling,
With every breath,
Every heart beat,
Every moment,
And I know through every day,
That you are my blessing,
The beauty I have found,
Love that is strong,
That keeps …