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Fantasy Kingdom

Leave it to a3 for me to get another piece of inspirition. I blame this one on Dave who put a poetry contest to get a poem about the guild done up. So without farther notice :)
Within these walls you hear
Those voices of old and new,
The laughter,
The joy,
The tears,
And sometimes the fights,
But we have gone through
And worked things to bring this guild
This little place to be family,
A group of people that you can talk to,
A group of people that people
Can feel they belong to,
A place that stands
And works beyond all the odds.
We have had our down times
Where nothing seemed to go right
And there have been our up times
Where everything seemed wonderful
And dreamlike,
We rather use trade chat
Than the guild chat,
We always joke around
And come to love each other,
Although some members come and go
And staff changes more times
Than most of us care to count,
But I am always there
Holding it all together
The best I can,
And I hope it is enough
For this guild is my a3 dream,
And dreams c…