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No Matter Where

No matter where our lives might try to take us,
I always return to your arms,
No matter what others may say,
I belong to you alone,
My life and my dreams,
The way you always make me feel,
The sun has seemed brighter,
Ever since you strolled into my life,
I was helplessly taken by you,
After those first words were spoken,
Nothing in this life can break this bond we have,
It is too strong for anyone to break apart,
It has already survived so much,
As many things try to break us,
But now we are together,
And the world stands still,
You’ve captivated the very depth of me,
Taking every part of what I was before,
Changing it and making it new,
Giving me love and beauty beyond anything before,
No matter where our lives might take us,
I will be forever in your arms,
You have captivated me forever,
By every single word and charm,
By every moment in these beautiful days together,
You are everything I have ever wanted,
And everything I could have ever dreamed,
And this bond we have together,
Ties and binds us in every piec…