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Definition Of Love

Cannot stop thinking,
Beauty resounds,
Never ending,
Always beating heart,
Wanting to hold you forever,
Wanting to be with you to the end,
Never ceasing,
Never changing,
Only growing every single day,
Love that always comes,
Comes to my heart,
Comes to my soul,
Sings from up high,
Sings from glory,
Always wanting,
Always needing,
Want to hold you,
Want to kiss you,
Want to just be,
Want to snuggle,
Want to cuddle,
Want to feel every,
Everything around you,
Everything with you,
Every moment,
You and me,
Never ending,
Cannot stop,
Will never end,
Always wanting,
Always needing,
Until the very end,
The end of time,
End of eternity,
I love you,
I love you my darling,
Love you forever,
No matter what is going on,
This love,
This is a love of a lifetime,
Never ending,
Never ceasing,
Just being,

Yahoo Group Tutorial Part 1- How Do You Make A Group?

Have you ever really wanted to learn how to successfully make, help co own, or moderate a group? Well now is your chance you will be getting tips, hints, and real advice from someone that has been referred as the Groups Queen. Currently I own 6 groups and moderate 3. I have owned and moderated many various groups ever since groups were clubs in 1999. If you have any specific questions at anytime on any subject or point on this please feel free to reply to the post or email me at

How Do You Make A Group?

Once on the group’s page you click on the upper right corner where it says: start your group today. You click on that to get started on making your own group. The very first thing you have to do is categorize your group this is to help those to find a way to your group other than advertising it to your friends and any other groups you might be in. Once you figure out exactly where you want to place your group you click on the button place my group here.

You th…

Today's Menu

Rice crispies,
Bar be Que Chicken,
Cottage cheese,
Homemade French fries,
Chocolate milk,
Mac and cheese,
So very good to me,
Cinnamon applesauce,
Butter flavored popcorn,
Chicken tenders,
Root beer,
Grape juice,
Pass me a bit of that please,
Green beans,
Spinach dip,
French bread,
Potato salad,
Macaroni salad,
Hot dogs,
Peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
Maybe I’ll take a little this,
And a little that,
There are so many different choices,
So many different combinations,
Pizza without anchovies please,
I rather have mine with Canadian bacon,
Some pineapple and olives,
Oops now I need some pepto,
I think I have over done it,
It’s like being at Izzy’s,
Or some other buffet place,
Today’s menu has over done me,
And I am going to bed,
With this stomach ache,
Maybe I’ll learn next time,
But then again,
Maybe I won’t,
Because when there is so many,
So many good choices,
On today’s menu,
How can one go wrong?
How can one ever learn?
When there are so many good choices,
To choose from.

My Parents

I never once had two full parents in my life,
That was never to be my fate in this world,
I never got to know a father’s love for a child,
But I was gratefully given a mom,
Who did all in her power,
All in her being,
To know love,
Even if it was just her,
I never once got to feel,
What others might have,
In my place,
But I never felt hurt,
I never felt uncared for,
I never felt that there was anything wrong,
Because my mom was there every step,
Every step of the way,
She was there for every good time,
Every bad time,
And every time in between,
She was always supportive,
Of everything I wanted to do,
Believed in me,
Hoped for me,
Loved me through and through,
And I always knew love,
Love beyond any measure,
I might have not had some things,
We might have had to go without,
But I didn’t care,
It never really mattered,
I felt stronger,
By having her in my life,
I never felt less at least by her,
To only have one parent in my life,
Others around me tried,
Time and time again,
To make it seem that this was a bad fate,
To just…

I Still Remember That Day

I still remember that day,
The first day I looked into your eyes,
I remember how although young,
I knew that my feeling to you,
Was different than it had been,
To any other boy before,
I remember looking into your blue eyes,
And I felt something I never felt before,
I didn’t understand it than,
As I know a bit of it more now,
Not only were you my first crush,
You were my first love,
Someone that I admired right away,
I remember sitting with each other,
Every chance that we got,
Talking through lunch and recess,
Talking every day,
While you waited for the bus,
Before I would walk home,
I still remember that day,
The day we spent at Oaks Park,
And when you asked me to go with you,
On the Ferris wheel,
How I almost said no,
But by looking into those blue eyes,
I knew that I had to say yes,
And that is when you told me,
How you felt,
And it was the same I felt,
We acted like girlfriend and boyfriend,
From that moment forward,
Although we didn’t really know the meaning,
Of those words back then,
I still remember that day,