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You Never Said

You never said you could do better,
You just left me that day,
You never told me you didn’t love me,
You just let me go my way,
You never told me you weren’t going to be here,
Instead you pushed me away,
You never told me a lot of things,
Instead you just left me here,
Of you,
You were my full existence,
A person I loved with all my heart,
A person I knew to the depth,
Of my being,
Of my heart,
Of my soul,
Of my mind,
But you left me,
Not just once,
But twice,
Once you just went,
No rhyme,
No reason,
The second you let me go,
Didn’t fight,
Just let me walk away,
You never said you could do better,
You just gave it all up,
You just gave it all away,
You didn’t see,
My full potential,
What fully lay inside of me,
You do not know,
The person I have become,
Maybe you would have even been proud,
Maybe you would have believed,
You never told me you didn’t love me,
Instead you just let it go,
Let me leave,
With all the hurt,
With all the pain,
With all the rain,
Deep inside of me,
I couldn’t trust,
I couldn…

Let Me Go

Let me go,
Let me leave,
Break the hold,
Break what you have left,
Left inside my heart,
Left inside my soul,
Left here in me,
I thought I was over,
Over all of you,
But I have been dreaming,
I have been remembering,
I have been thinking,
A bit about you,
But why now,
I am not sure,
All I need,
Is for you to let me go,
I feel there is still a hold,
A hold on me,
Even though you are with,
With another,
But I feel you in my thoughts,
I feel you in my head,
I feel you in my mind,
Even sometimes feel you holding me,
But I try to break,
Try to break away,
My life is different now,
My life has changed,
I am not that person,
That person you once knew,
There are parts of me the same,
But so much has changed,
So let me go,
Let go that last hold,
That last whatever you feel you claim,
Release it now,
Release it let me move on,
Let me move on fully,
I don’t want to feel that shadow,
That shadow around me,
Feeling as if,
You are watching me,
Watching my movements,
The way you did before,
When you were with me,
But you let me go,
Let me leave,

It Burns

It burns,
It screams,
The emotions,
The pain,
The everything,
The darkness,
The hardship,
I fill my days with everything,
Everything to keep my mind,
To keep my mind from thinking,
From focusing,
From doing anything,
That causes me to feel the pain,
Feel the pain,
Feel the emotions,
Feel the rain,
Just keep on wearing,
Wearing that mask,
Wearing it so no one sees,
No one notices,
The pain,
The hurt,
The depression,
That lurks within,
I try to be strong,
I try to keep it going,
I try to just forget it all,
Forget the pain,
Forget the hurt,
Forget the rain,
Forget it all,
Focus on the next task,
And the task after that,
Make everyone think,
Everyone believe,
That everything is fine,
Everything is wonderful,
That everything is perfect,
It burns,
It burns hard,
It burns bright,
It burns every day,
And every single night,
But I cannot let it go,
Cannot let it be,
I just want release,
I just want to feel,
Feel something more,
Feel something deeper,
Deeper than this,
But until it comes,
Until he comes,
Until he lifts off that mask,
Wipes those…