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I've Walked Down Many Paths

I’ve walked down many paths, In this thing called life, Going through many changes, Dealing with much strife, Many mistakes have been made, A few regrets have been, But I don’t regret the various people That have come through my life, Some were life lessons that had to be taught, Some are people, who are my dearest friends, Some were heartaches that shaped who I am, I’ve walked down many paths, Gone down many roads, Learned about different kinds of people Along the way, Found great friends through various means, And a life full of happiness as well, I grew to love And truly call home The place I was born, I’ve walked down many paths, Sometimes not always understanding, Sometimes not always knowing why, But through the hardships, Through the pain, Through the tears, Through the rain, I’ve also found happiness, I’ve also found kindness, I’ve also found hope I’ve also found joy, And I know even at the end Of each and every day, I’m grateful through it all, The good and the bad, And althou

Life As An Asthmatic Part 4

What a busy week I've been having. As one who is job searching I've been on interviews like mad having a total of three this week with my last being today. I had some small issues the other night and I hoped and prayed that please let it just go away so that I could get through Wednesday, thankfully something must have worked. As promised this blog I am going to go over in more detail the various types of asthma that are out there. One thing I would like you to think about though, is the fact that it is possible that other types will come out at a later date, there are some types that are known that are new to the world of medicine themselves. Just to refresh here are the types of asthma again ( allergy induced, exercise induced, cough variant, occupational asthma, bronchial, and nocturnal (nighttime) asthma. First off, we are going to go over allergy induced asthma. This type of asthma is the most common of all types, even

Life As An Asthmatic Part 3

Most of Wednesday July 8th and part of Thursday July 9th was one of those moments that asthmatics fear. Dealing with asthma attacks left and right. Having to deal with the pain and tightness of the chest, headaches, coughing, tiredness, and drinking a lot of tea. Before going over what I promised to go over about the causes of asthma, the different types of asthma, and touching on treatments for asthma. I wanted to first go back over what I asked you to think about. Did you think about those in your life that is touched by this disease? Keep those people in mind as you read about the causes of asthma. What triggers those of us that have it, to have asthma attacks. Asthma itself on what causes it isn't a for sure thing. There is no rhyme or reason it seems on why some people get asthma and why other's don't. There are though triggers that can cause the asthma to flare up and cause a person to have asthma related attacks. Some of these triggers as according again t

Life As An Asthmatic Part 2

Today was one of those yay moments for someone who has asthma. I got a letter from the Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Human Services saying I was finally off the waiting list. What this means in English, for those that don't live in Oregon or in a state that might offer this sort of program, is that what they do is help people who need help getting into the work force again due to various reasons that might have either caused a disability or something related to that. Some of the other things that Vocational Rehabilitation can do is help with getting to doctor's to figure out all that is going on with you without much or any cost to you, give you help on finding a job, classes that can help you with job related things, and other things that I am not sure of since until now I've been on the waiting list. The reason why people have been put on the waiting list is that there hasn't been enough resources especially counselors and time to be able to see all the

Life As An Asthmatic Part 1

There have been many titles and definitions that matched to who I am or was at any specific time. I think even as kids we go through these changes. Of course as a child though we don't think of the possible other things that might come such as diseases we might have to live with for the rest of our lives. Some are more well known than others. Some are even more life threatening. All seem to have stereotypes of who is affected by it. This is such a story about the real life challenges of one with asthma. This will be a very public from a somewhat private life. It is time for the world to understand more and realize what asthma is. How it effects one person's life. The sometimes daily struggle that seems to happen when one has asthma especially when one doesn't have health insurance and currently not much income as well. Currently I am looking for a job anything really something without sales if possible and something with benefits. I have a check list of things