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How Do You Mend A Broken Heart?

Is there a way to start explaining to yourself those things
As you once knew it were completely gone?
Is there a way to change your heart from loving someone
To pretending that they no longer exist in your world?
How do you tell your heart to stop loving someone
That you have loved for so many years of your life?
How do you stop your heart from breaking
And having you cry the tears that are hidden
Deep inside of your heart?
How do you pretend that someone that affected your life
For so long is no longer a part of your life?
How do you take back eight years of your life
And the memories that hunts your mind?
How do you remove the dreams
Of times long pass so that they do not hurt you
The way you know they would if they surface
In your mind?
How do you constantly remind yourself
That life as you once knew it is gone
And that there is no going back?
How do you answer all the questions in your mind
When you do not even know where to start
To even explain to yourself why things changed
The way that they did?