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Mark Me

Mark me with your eyes As you look into the depths Of my soul, Mark me with your love That reaches parts of my heart I never knew, Mark me with your lips Around every part of my body, Mark me with your tenderness That surrounds us, That encloses us, That shines like the sun On the brightest day, That keeps me going when the skies seem grey, And everything seems to be going wrong, Mark me with your passion, The passion that burns deep inside Your heart and soul, The passion that burns for me, The passion that lights up whenever you Are around me, The passion I feel whenever I listen to your voice, Mark me my darling, Mark me with everything you have, Because I want everyone to know That I belong to you, And you alone.

Our Connection

Our connection Is what keeps us strong, Is what I hold onto whenever you aren’t Physically here, Is what I feel in my heart And in the deepest parts of my soul Anytime I look into your eyes, Is the bond I feel Whenever your arms Are holding me tight, Is what I feel in the very depths of my soul, Whenever I just think of you, Is what keeps me going strong, Whenever everything else Seems to just fall apart, Our connection Is what kept me going, When we have been apart, Is what keeps me sane, When everything else Seems to be going crazy, Is what helps me when I want to fall apart, And just break down and cry, It is everything to me, Everything I had ever wanted, Everything I had ever needed, Everything I could have asked for, Everything I didn’t ask for but wanted, Our connection is strong, It is strong as the heart that beats , Beats forever for you.