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Swimming pools,
Water hoses,
Kids playing all around,
Summer break,
Summer love,
Memories made,
Ice cream,
Time together,
Summer heat,
Summer days,
Summer memories,
Summer dreams,
Carefree days,
Carefree moments,
Under the blazing sun,
Air conditioning,
Special days,
Family gatherings,
These summer days give memories,
That will last past this time,
Pictures taken,
Beautiful days,
Promises made,
Summer days,
Summer nights,
Cotton candy,
All these moments,
Moments in the sun,
Moments in the summer,
Of when we became one.


Rain drops fall,
Dark skies in the horizon,
Dew drops come onto the flowers,
Flowers bloom,
The world awakes,
As things become new again,
Birds come out,
Singing their song,
As everything starts anew,
It’s a beautiful spring day,
The wind blows through the air,
Lifting up the smells of the fresh rain,
That falls upon the trees,
The flowers,
The creeks,
The rivers,
The waters flow,
Rain drops fall,
The animals come out,
From the darkness,
Feeling life anew,
Within the world,
And the rain drops fall,
Bringing life,
Bringing hope,
Bringing joy,
To those needing a renewal,
From the cold winter,
From the cold snow,
From the cold darkness,
And the rain falls,
Falls down upon the world,
Bringing renewal,
Bringing faith,
Bringing hope,
Bringing a chance,
A chance to believe again,
And the rain falls,
Bringing the spring,
Bringing the new beginning,
Bringing the hope,
That so many have lost,
Within the cold,
Within the winter,
Within the hurt,
From the past,
And the rain falls,
Falls to you,

The Key To My Heart

The key to my heart,
The key to my love,
The key to this happiness,
The key to the bliss,
The key to forever,
The key to everything,
Lives inside of you,
Lives inside the promise,
Lives inside the joy,
Lives inside of peace,
Of knowing you are with me,
Even in the moments we are apart,
I feel the love I have for you,
In my heart,
You are there every moment,
You are there every day,
You are there always,
Through every moment I go through,
The day is almost upon us,
When we take that vow,
To be one together,
For the rest of our lives,
You own the key,
The key to my heart,
The key to my love,
The key to this happiness,
The key to this bliss,
The key to this moment,
And the moment next,
Because you are the one,
You are my forever,
I cannot imagine a day,
A moment,
This life,
Without you in it,
You are the one,
The one forever,
And this is why,
You own my key,
My key to my heart.

Better Off Being In Love

Better off being in love,
Better off being here,
Better off being with you,
Better off knowing you,
Better off loving you,
Better off believing this,
Better off than where I was,
Better off than what was before,
Better off because of you,
Better off knowing you,
Better off because this is true,
These hearts joined in one,
These hearts joined together,
These hearts joined forever,
These hearts yearning,
To be under His feet,
Under His love,
Under His desires for us,
Better off being in love,
Better off being beside you,
Better off taking this vow,
Pledging my heart,
Pledging my love,
Pledging the good times,
Pledging to get through the bad,
Pledging to be by your side,
For every step,
For every hardship,
For every good moment,
For every dream,
For every moment,
From this time forward,
I love you my darling,
I love you always,
I love you with everything,
To the future,
Depth can only be added,
To these words,
And because of these words,
I know always,
That it is forever…

Your Dream Will Come True

Your dream will come true
When you least expect it,
Faith will hold you up,
When all you want to do is cry,
Love will flow through,
Drenching every part,
Of your being,
Your heart,
Your soul,
The depth of your emotions,
The depth of your dreams,
The depth of every fiber,
Of everything,
Your dream will come true,
When you least expect it,
When you are not looking,
Or paying attention,
It will be part of the depth,
Of the moment that comes,
When everything seems to align,
In a perfect way,
When your heart skips a beat,
When joy over takes your very soul,
When laughter is within your eyes,
And nothing else can even compare,
To that moment,
To the time where everything slows down,
To where you can see clearer,
Than you could ever before,
Than you could ever imagine,
Than you could ever believe,
Your dream will come true,
When you least expect it,
When nothing else seems to go right,
When the hardship seems to never end,
The bright light will shine,
The bright sun will warm the depth,
Of t…

Trust In God

Pain and memories of past,
Let go feel the embrace,
Let Him into your heart,
Take it in and breathe,
Let it into that depth,
To the very last pain and hurt,
Cry about those struggles,
And the hurt,
And then let Him heal,
There is no moment,
There is no hardship,
There is no hurt,
That cannot be given,
That cannot be prayed for,
That cannot have peace,
There is no darkness,
There is no hurt,
There is no depth,
That He would turn away from,
He hears our cries,
He hears our hurt,
He hears when our hearts,
Don’t want to beat anymore,
When everything seems dark,
When everything seems lost,
When everything seems that there is no hope,
That faith is fully lost,
That there is no light,
There is no peace,
There seems to be nothing,
Nothing but this darkness,
But fear not!
Do not lose hope,
Get down to your knees,
Put your hands to the sky,
Praise even while hurting,
Believe even when everything seems gray,
Know that He is still there,
If you will turn to Him,
Or …