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A Cosmic Rosebud

Beautiful dark navy sky, Stars dancing through the universe, Galaxies flow through the space, With the stars, Planets, Moons, Circle around the bright yellow sun, When we look up from our ocean blue, And hunter green planet, What do we look at? Do we just look at the stars as they are? Or do we see the shapes that they make? What do we think of when we look up? Who do we think when we look at the stars? The stars and the colors of the sky? Of when they mix together, Form the shapes we know, And the feelings we feel, When we look around our world? Do we pay attention close enough? To those sparkling stars, As they form the most beautiful shapes, Shapes of those that we come to depend on, The shapes of love, Such as the beautiful rose, How it starts small, And blooms into something magical, As we all start small, And can bloom into something special, If only we take each moment, That is given to us each day, And do some