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And Then There Was You

There have been so many hardships in my life,
So many ups and downs,
Some crazy times,
Some good times,
Some broken hearts that I never thought would heal,
There was time I felt all hope gone,
That it seemed that I would barely make it through,
And then there was you,
You brought the light,
You brought the change I needed,
You brought the love everlasting into my life,
I was at the end of the line,
Thinking I couldn’t go on again,
Felt my heart was broken one too many times,
I felt so lost and confused,
And than I did something I hadn’t done in a long time,
I prayed to God,
I prayed to Him to bring me someone,
To restore the hope,
To restore the faith,
To restore the love I knew in my heart,
To restore everything that has come and gone,
And then there was you,
You changed my life the moment,
The moment we started talking,
I felt a shimmer of hope,
But I was still cautious,
Although I could feel my heart wanting to soar,
Although I could feel my heart wanting to forget it all,
I wanted to wait and try to be patien…

This Heart Is Yours

This heart is yours my darling,
This heart has become a brighter one due to your love,
This heart has grown it seems since I’ve known you,
This heart has expanded since I came to Christ,
And accepted him as my Savior,
This heart loves you like I have never loved before,
It is so much stronger than it has ever been,
Even though I knew love before,
This is something that is so much stronger,
So much bigger,
So much more happiness,
So much better dream,
This heart is yours my darling,
Through the good and bad times,
The trials and tribulations,
As we both grow in Christ as individuals,
And as a couple,
I thought I came close to the best person for me,
But with you in my life that vision has expanded,
God has truly brought the person I am meant to be with,
I have given my hurt,
My pain,
My heart broken dreams of yesterday to Him,
And now that I have I feel so much lighter,
So much happier,
So much belief in love more than before,
This heart is yours my darling,
It has been for a long time now,
And it continue to be …

I Keep On Building

I keep on building,
Building this life in God’s Hands,
Building this dream on the hopes and prayers,
Building this world with your love in my heart,
Building this future on possible dreams,
Although the future isn’t set,
Although the dreams may change,
I have faith,
I have hope,
I have peace I’ve never known,
So I am going to keep on going,
Keep on hoping,
Keep on dreaming,
Keep on building,
Building a treasure that cannot be found here,
That lasts longer than just a simple life,
That can only be found in God’s house,
In a life better than this,
Where there is no pain and suffering,
Where there is peace and hope,
So I am going to keep on listening,
Listening to His words,
Let him guide my life,
Let him help me find the true calling,
I am meant for in this life,
I keep on building,
Building this life in God’s Hands,
Building the world around me with His love,
And the love I have for you,
I know that you are apart of my life,
Just as much as God is,
You are going to be there until the end,
We will walk through heaven …