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I Miss You

I miss you like crazy, I miss you like hell, Anytime you aren’t here, I just want to be there, I want to hold you close to me, I want to hold you in my arms, I want to kiss you like crazy, I want to dream everything together, I want to make love to you all night long, I miss you like crazy, I miss you like hell, I still feel our connection no matter where you are, But the feeling is still there, The feeling is still strong, The emotions grow, This feeling is strong this bond between you and me, This is meant to be, This emotion, This love, This everything, I miss you like crazy, I miss you like hell, Everytime that you aren’t here, I want to be there with you, You mean so much to me, You mean the world, You have come so close, Closer than anyone else before, You broke down the walls, The walls I had built, The ones I didn’t always know, The ones that have been there a long time, The ones that were just another part of my skin, I cannot hide behind a mask, I cannot hide behind fakeness

Baby It's Late At Night

Baby it’s late at night, Let’s not worry about the candy, Let’s not worry about the candlelight, I rather walk under the moon, I rather take a stroll, I rather us be holding hands, I don’t care about anything else, Baby it’s late at night, Let’s not worry about any flowers, I don’t care about dinner, I rather just hold you close, I rather just look into your eyes, I am not worried about a fancy date, All that matters is this, The feeling between you and me, The breathlessness I get by being by your side, The feeling I feel my heart melting every time we touch, Baby it’s late at night, Let’s not worry about those silly things, Let’s just walk under that moonlight, Let’s just hold hands, Let’s just kiss again, Let’s just feel that feeling, Let’s just make love, I don’t care about anything else, All that matters is right here, When you look into my eyes, When you hold me close, I feel the passion, I feel the electricity flow, I feel the magic between us, I feel everything, Baby it’s late

Meant To Be

We might be a young couple in many terms, But I knew from the first instant, That there was a deep attraction, From the first moment I looked into your eyes, And than the first time I gave you a kiss, I knew I was mesmerized, Every moment with you is enchanting, Every touch you give me, My desire burns, The passion that has been trapped so long, Comes to the surface, I feel it raging in my soul, I feel it stirring in my heart, I feel it burning like nothing else I have felt, Every time you touch me, I feel it come forth again, We might be still new in this relationship, But every time I am with you I feel it, I feel total fulfillment of passion, Of love, Of dreams, Of flesh against flesh, Every time you look into my eyes, I feel myself melting again, Your mesmerizing touch, Your voice that calls my name, Calls my soul, Calls this heart, You bring forth emotions, You bring forth passion I never imagined before, You have given me everything, I knew from the first moment, I never had any

My First Kiss

When I was only 15 I had my first kiss, It was by my first boyfriend, And it wasn’t something I remember well, But the spark I felt by you blew that out of the water, The first time I kissed you, I felt like I was coming home, I felt like I had found heaven, I felt like that this was the bliss, The one I read about, The one I dreamt about, The one I had wished for, Wished for so long, When I was 23 I had my first wife kiss, When the minister had prounced, My ex husband and I man and wife, But that spark had faded and was changed, The end came when he asked for the divorce, But you have changed my emotions, I was bitter and sad, I wasn’t sure if happiness was meant for me, But than you came along, And the first time you kissed me I knew, That hope was still out there, That love was still something to believe in, That perhaps a soul mate still did exist for me, When I was only 15 I had my first kiss, But you brought forth so much by our first kiss, You changed my life, You gave me hope a