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Leave Me Breathless

Just hold me like that another moment longer,
Just kiss me like that and let all the passion fulfill,
Just take me into your arms,
Just kiss my neck just like that,
Just say those words,
That I long to hear,
Tell me that you need me,
Tell me that you want me,
Tell me to be yours again,
Tell me to come back here you,
As you pull me into your arms again
To hold me close,
To kiss me deep,
To make my mind lose control,
Just let me breathe you in,
Just let me think of nothing but us,
Just let the world fade away,
Just let there just be the two of us,
Leave me breathless my darling,
Do all the things that I know you can do,
Kiss me with the passion that’s deep inside,
Touch me with the passion in your hands,
The passion in your soul,
The passion that makes me lose control,
I want to feel it all,
Do not stop,
Do not wane,
Do not give me rest,
I want to feel you,
I want you to leave me breathless.