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A Part of Me

A part of me still loves you,
Although I know I shouldn’t anymore,
A part of me still listens to those words,
That were uttered it seems a lifetime ago,
All of me don’t miss what you put me through,
But a part of me doesn’t know how to live without you,
I just wish I could forget all about you,
Let the moments in the sun,
The moments in the rain,
The moments in between disappear,
Why do you affect me so still?
Do you honestly think it was so easy?
Do you think it was simple to decide,
To know,
To realize,
That we were over?
Do you think that the marriage meant nothing to me?
But to have what you did to me,
To throw the poems I wrote in my face,
To have you spy on my conversations,
To yell at me,
Than make me so afraid of my life,
Even when you seemed to try to take
Everything that was me away,
I was too strong to let it happen,
I was too strong to keep going on,
I was too strong,
Although I almost lost everything I was,
But yet a part of me still loves you,
A part of me still cares about you,
A part of me still ca…