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Will You Take That Chance

Will you take that chance?
Take that leap?
Give it your all?
Give it true?
Will you take that moment?
Let down your guard,
Give me those words?
Give me that what I crave,
Or will you let me walk away?
Will you take that chance?
Will you finally see what others have seen,
For so long?
That has seen for many months,
For many days,
For even those that might not know us well,
Especially me?
Worry maybe a bit less,
Trust a bit more,
Believe what is us,
Don’t let anything tear down,
What we can be,
Will you take that chance?
Will you give it your all?
Without thinking,
Without always worrying,
Just give into that moment,
Know that it rings true,
Know that it rings within,
Stop with the excuse,
No more saying you feel pressured,
You know it is true,
The emotions,
The feeling,
The love within,
So take that chance,
Even if you are a bit unsure,
Life is never fully certain,
Things always change,
But if you take my hand,
Take it right now,
Take it true,
Know that I will stand with you,
Stand with you through it all,
But you got to do it,

I Hear Your Voice Calling

I hear your voice calling,
I hear it in my mind,
I hear it in my soul,
I hear it in my heart,
I hear it my dear,
I hear your voice calling,
Through the space,
Through the time,
Through every moment I feel alone,
Every moment I wish for something,
So hard and deep,
Through the hardship,
Through the dark days,
It carries me through,
It carries me through that moment,
And the moment next,
I hear your voice calling,
Calling out my mind,
Calling me toward you,
Telling me to not give up,
Telling me to not give up the hope,
Give up the love,
Give up the dreams within,
Moments might seem dark,
Light might seem dim,
It keeps pushing me,
It keeps calling me,
Telling me to keep holding on,
Telling me to keep on going,
Even through this dark moment,
Even through this dark day,
That the one will be with me,
The one will be there for me,
The one will love me always,
I hear your voice calling,
Hear you calling out my name,
Calling me like a song,
Calling me,
Pulling me close,
Bringing me in,
Holding me within,
Bringing me hope,
When all is …