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Words Were Spoken

Words were spoken between you and me,
Getting out that had to be,
Laying it all on the table,
I knew it had to be,
If I was to ever fully move on this had to be,
I needed you to know the emotions in my heart,
I needed you to know the dreams that had been shattered,
I needed you to know everything that’s been in my mind,
I needed you to know that you been in my dreams,
I needed you to know how I felt,
I know that nothing can come from this,
I know that this is where it has to be,
We have both moved on,
We have both gone forth,
We are both different people than we were before,
Words were spoken nothing harsh or mean,
We both actually listened to each other,
We both actually spoke what had been needed,
Maybe too late for us,
Maybe too late for many things,
Maybe too late to change things,
But maybe something positive can come,
Maybe something positive will remain,
Maybe something positive can bring,
And maybe now love will show again,
The light through darkness and gray,
And maybe I can see the warmth again,