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I Want To Feel

I want to feel your lips against mine,
To feel our fingers against my skin,
To feel your heart beat
As I lay into your arms,
To feel your smile
As you gaze into my eyes,
Every moment I am with you,
Every single time I see you,
Every day that I think of you,
My heart feels so full,
Full of emotions that never
Felt as real and beautiful,
As the ones I feel with you,
My heart feels so blessed
Having you in my life,
There are no words that
Can fully express
Everything I feel inside,
The beauty of the emotions
I feel just being by your side,
I want to feel your lips against mine,
Feel your fingers as you touch my skin,
Feel as your warm arms
Wrap me into your body,
Feel all the emotions
And chemistry ignite
Through my body,
And I sigh
Knowing how wonderful life is
Having you by my side,
Knowing that all my prayers
Have been fully and finally been answered,
Now that I have you in my life.

You Serenade Me

You serenade me with the way
You look into my eyes,
The way you hold me close,
The way you touch my skin,
The way you kiss me softly,
I melt deeply every time,
The comfort I feel is so strong,
The happiness I feel is so great,
The love I feel is so deep,
Deeper than anything
I have ever felt,
You serenade me
With every small thing
That means so much in love,
It might not be songs you sing
With your voice,
But it is a song you sing
To the deepest part of my heart,
To the deepest parts of my soul,
You serenade me my love,
Just the way I feel
Whenever you are near,
Your arms are the best place
In this world,
Bringing feelings of comfort,
The sense of feeling safe,
The feeling of warmth,
And feeling loved beyond anything else,
So keep on serenading me my love,
Keep singing those songs to my heart,
Keep singing my darling
Because I am yours,
Yours fully
Until the end of time.