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Journal Challenge Day 4

Decide on one negative aspect you want to eliminate from your life and the steps to do so. Not sure if it’s per say negative, but I do want to improve within my power the relationships I have with my family for my daughter. My husband and I been working on this on both sides a little because we really do want Harley to know her family. Something I didn’t really have as much myself growing up because many members of my family weren’t close or when things were tried people would get frustrated. I have already been trying to message, get numbers and addresses, and start trying to make plans so people in our family can see Harley and to hopefully keep that going as she gets older. Obviously I can only control so much, but it is something I would like for her and myself.

Journal Day 3

Decide on one positive you’d like to implement in your life and the steps to do so. I already do a lot of positive things I have never smoked in my life, done illegal drugs, and I barely drink. I have thanks to my natural path even cut down the amount of actual medications I take and take a lot more supplements. I’m not perfect but I don’t go overboard with the diet stuff and we eat now more at restaurants than fast food when we do eat out. Only thing I can think of is other than get my writing going again is find an at home job I can do especially once my student loans are discharged in April. This way I can help make some extra money to help out but still be at home with my daughter. I want to start looking at first different things I can do other than some survey sites, increase what I am doing survey wise (which I’m slowly doing), and take any notes of stuff I might need. The journal challenge is my way to start getting back into writing I plan on looking up some poetry prompts