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Should We Listen

Should we always listen,
To those stereotypes we see around us?
Should we always pay attention?
Can’t we see the things aren’t always black and white?
Can’t we see that just because of one thing,
Doesn’t mean you have another?
Just because one is skinny even as a women,
Doesn’t mean you are anorexic,
Just because one might be overweight doesn’t mean,
That’s the reason you have diabetes or asthma,
Just because one is male doesn’t mean
All they think is sex,
Just because one is female doesn’t mean
All of them like to cook,
Should we listen to these stereotypes around us?
Should we pay attention to those things,
Instead of paying attention to the actual person inside?
Don’t you realize?
Don’t you understand?
Can you not see how much it hurts?
By ignoring the person,
By keeping to the stereotype we do not see,
We do not realize,
We do not look enough,
To see that just because someone
Is a certain way,
Doesn’t mean they are that stereotype,
When did we stop looking?
When did we stop listening?
When did we believe eve…

Cold Winter Days

Cold winter days,
Even with blue skies cannot keep you warm,
But just the thought of you,
Just wishing for you to be next to me,
To be holding me in your arms,
Gives me the warmth in my life,
To keep out the cold outside,
The weather outside might be cold,
It might be windy,
It might be rainy,
It might even snow,
But as long as I have you beside me,
As long as I can be with you,
Cold winter days,
Cold winter nights,
And all I can wish for,
All I want,
All I need,
Is the warmth of your arms,
The warmth of your embrace,
Is the best thing no matter,
What the weather is outside,
No matter what is going on,
This life is so crazy,
Days are so few in number,
But with you in my life,
Every moment is extra wonderful,
Every moment is like being out with the sun,
Shining down on your face,
Like it does on a Summer Day,
So let there be cold winter days,
And colder winter nights,
As long as I am by your side,
As long as I am with you,
The cold cannot hurt me,
It cannot bother me,
Because with you I am always warm,
Always feeling love…

This Slippery Path

This Christian life is not easy,
There are times that you can slip and fall,
There are times that it isn’t going to be easy,
There are going to be times you want to do things a different way,
There are times you are going to fight with yourself,
There are times you will want to take the easy way,
And just let yourself be a part of the world,
But if you keep watching,
But if you keep going,
But if you avoid the slippery path,
But if you keep on praying,
There is a prize that has no worth in the end,
There is a way to heaven,
To a lifetime that is better than we can imagine,
This Christian life is not easy,
There are moments you will make mistakes,
There are moments you will fall below,
Because none of us are perfect,
And we all fall,
We all have hard times,
We all have to deal with the good,
As well as the bad,
We all have our trials,
And the tribulations,
But if we keep our mind on Him,
If we keep our hearts on the cross,
And remember what he has done for us,
But if we keep on believing,
We know that we can get …