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If Only I

If only it was finally that moment,
If only time would go fast enough,
But yet slow enough to enjoy,
If only I could just walk down that aisle,
To you as you stand there,
On top of those stairs,
If only it was finally true,
The dream,
The wish,
The moment,
When our lives start as one,
When our bond is made,
In the sight of God,
In the sight of our family,
In the sight of our friends,
In the sight of everyone that means,
The world to us,
If only I could take that vow,
That vow of honoring,
Of cherishing,
For the good times,
For the bad times,
No matter what happens in our lives,
For every single day,
To pledge myself to you,
If only it was now,
So I no longer have to wait,
To be yours fully,
To be your wife,
If only I could be,
Be your love always,
Be your bride,
Even though there isn’t much time,
Even though the day will be here soon,
I want to just make that vow,
Speak those words,
Tell the world,
Tell Him,
Tell our friends,
Tell our family that I,
I want to only love you,
Love you f…

My Priorities

God is my priority,
My faith in Him
To led us in our path is my priority,
Our relationship is my priority,
Even through any difficult moment,
Any difficult time,
Any difficult situation,
Getting through it is my priority,
Loving you every single day,
Regardless of what is going on,
Is my priority,
My commitment to you is my priority,
Everything else is secondary,
Knowing that He brought us together,
Knowing that He must be our center,
Knowing that we need to keep our foundation,
Knowing that we need to work together,
Work to make sure that we,
Put Him,
Than us as a couple a priority,
Everything else
Is secondary,
Even though all these other things,
Can be good in our lives,
Can be helpful in our days,
That’s our priority,
Putting our Faith in Our Lord,
That is our priority,
Things come,
Things go,
Material possessions leave,
Friends may come and go,
But this,
This is our priority,
Because our re…


We are connected,
Trees are connected,
The sky is connected,
The sun is connected,
The moon is connected,
The ground is connected,
Everything is connected,
From one place to another,
Through connections you can see,
Connections you can feel,
Connections you imagine,
Connections you believe in,
And every other connection in between,
We are connected,
Even if we might not know it,
Even if we might not show it,
Even if we might not believe it,
Even if we might not desire it,
We are all connected,
Because we are all the same,
And all different,
We all have the same emotions,
But the effects can be as deep as the soil,
Or as high as the sky,
There is no silver thread seen,
At least by our eyes,
But we are connected,
Every part of us,
Every one of us,
Through our cycle,
On this world,
We are connected,
Even when we do not see,
Or believe,
The connection is there,
Deep in our heart,
Deep in our soul,
All it takes is the r…

Love Grows On Trees

Love grows on trees,
Because it should be given to everyone,
To every person,
For free,
To see the hearts decorate,
To feel that emotions,
In the depth of your heart,
In the depth of your soul,
Money cannot buy true happiness,
But love,
True love,
The love you feel in the depths of your heart,
In the depths of your soul,
In the depths of the eyes,
When you stare close,
When you look deep,
Deep inside the one,
The one you love with all your heart,
All your soul,
All your beauty,
All of everything around you,
Love grows on trees,
Or so it should,
As it is something precious,
Something meaningful,
Something that relies on every person,
To have a heart,
To open that heart,
To give it freely,
As trees give shade,
As trees give us oxygen,
In order to breathe,
Love grows on trees,
Because who needs money,
When love can be free,
Even if the money grew,
It would not create happiness,
It would not change us,
It would not challenge us,
It would not give us something,
To want to strive for,
To wa…