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Life As An Asthmatic Part 5

Things have been very crazy in my life that I haven't had the chance to write on the life of as an asthmatic. During the last almost two months I had been working two jobs the temporary job with Adecco and the ad job and recently I was able to quit both of those to start a temporary to permanent position on the 31st. When I had been working the two jobs I really didn't have the energy to write much of anything because I was always very tired after working the two jobs and not have much time to relax. Through that time as well I also have had some asthma problems. I have finally been able to get my medication including my preventative thanks to the Vocational Rehabilitation and got two new pairs of glasses that has been needed for a long time. Now, as promised, I will go over some of the various treatments of asthma. One of the main things asthmatics use on a pretty normal basis to help their asthma is various medication that is out there for asthmatics. Through webmd we