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Let Me Be Your Shelter

Let me be your shelter darling, Let me keep you safe from harm, Let my warm loving arms hold you, And give you the peace and rest you need, When life is giving you nothing but stress, When rest is hard to find, Just curl into my arms my darling, And let me be your shelter, Let me give you the love that you have craved, The hope that you needed restored, The dreams that were so far away, Let my voice carry you away, From all the cares of this world, From all the cares of this life, Let me be your shelter my darling, Let me keep you warm, Let me keep you safe, Let my arms hold you tightly, And curl around your whole being, Embracing your whole body against me, As I massage every inch of you, Caressing every inch of your body, Let me be your shelter my love, Let me keep you calm, Let me keep you grounded, Let me keep you centered, I am here my darling, I am always beside you, Even if we aren’t physically together yet, I am always by your side, I am always in your heart, I am always with you my darling, I love you with …

I Would Go Anywhere

I would go anywhere in this world for you,
I would travel to the ends of the world,
Nothing in this life ties me to where I am,
I rather go on a voyage with you,
I don’t want to be away from you,
I want to be there by your side,
I want to travel wherever you are,
I want to be in your arms,
I want to close the distance between us,
Forget all those other barriers,
And just travel along this life with you,
I would go anywhere in this world with you,
Rather it be somewhere in Japan,
Or in South America,
Or in some other country,
I would travel the miles,
I would travel the seas,
I would travel the oceans,
Just to be able to wake up every day,
Just to be able to smile up at you,
Just to be able to hold you tight as I sleep,
To curl into your arms,
To have you be the last thing I see,
And the first thing I see,
To be able to kiss you with the passion,
And the emotion,
And the love that I feel every day,
I would go anywhere in this world for you,
I would travel on any voyage this life takes us,
Just as long as I am with…

Since That Moment

Since that moment you came into my life,
Since that moment in time that you gave me your heart,
Since that moment you told me that you loved me,
Since that moment where everything else faded,
Because I knew that I found something beautiful,
Something magical,
Something that grows stronger each day,
Every day that we are together,
Nothing in this life could ever truly compare,
To the feeling that I feel when I am with you,
Since that moment we first talked,
Since that moment I saw you,
I knew my life was forever changed,
I knew my life was never going to be the same,
And here I stand in awe of this love,
The love that grows stronger,
No matter the distance,
No matter what is going on in my life,
You are right there by my side,
You are right there forever holding my hand,
You are right there loving me with everything you are,
Since that moment you dedicated that first song,
Since that moment you considered me your girl,
Since that moment you asked me to be yours,
My life has been forever changed,
My life has a …

I Crave You

I crave You,
Crave those lips to kiss,
Crave to touch every inch of you,
To work down your body,
To kiss and caress,
To love and adore,
To touch and massage,
To memorize each inch of that flesh,
I crave you,
Crave to be in your arms,
To snuggle against you,
To give into every breathe,
To give into every desire between us,
To give into the feeling every time I am with you,
I Crave you,
Crave to have you touch me,
Touch every portion of my skin,
Kiss every inch letting the desire build,
Letting your fingers stroke my body,
Massing every inch of my skin,
Building the heat inside of my body,
I crave you my darling,
Crave to have you inside,
To let our bodies become one together,
To never be away from your scent,
And the warmth of your body,
The warmth of your skin against mine,
As you come to the depth of my being,
And you hold me tight,
I crave you my forever,
Crave to be yours every way,
Every way that one can be,
To be inside your whole being,
To have your tongue all over my body,
Tasting every part of me,
Taking me int…