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Day 20 This Month

This month has been busy just as last month had been for the most part. With job searching most days, going to interviews, trying to get some writing in, being able to spend time with Troy and Adam, helping Adam with various projects, and getting my Oregon Health Plan stuff done waiting for my insurance card so I can see the doctor. Having rough times with my asthma here and there just trying to hang in there until I get my Oregon Health Plan so I can see a doctor so I can possibly get some answers.

Adam has been such a blessing having me help him with various things and paying me and than buying me over the counter allergy pills to try to help with at least that portion so at least my allergies wouldn’t bother my asthma. I’ve done more testing for job related stuff for various temporary agencies than I like to try to count. Still been fighting on the unemployment gotten about halfway on getting things sorted it seems they ruled at least that I was available to work even with not w…

Day 19 Something You Regret

I believe as human beings even if you try to look at the positive side of things there is always going to be something you are going to regret even if you don’t fully admit it to yourself. There are many things I regretted especially before I became saved and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior. Decisions I made that were unwise but I try to not let them hunt my life now knowing that all I have done has been forgiven thanks to God.

One of the things that was the hardest on me was not getting out of my previous marriage sooner than I did due to all the things I was put through. Including having my asthma become worse, losing a lot of my possessions, almost losing some of my friends, becoming depressed, and dealing with the abuse as long as I did. However through everything I believe although I didn’t realize it at the time that the trial I went through was something I needed to become a stronger person that would later commit my life to God.

During that relationship with David there w…