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Yahoo Group Tutorial- Intro/How To Make A Group

Have you ever really wanted to learn how to successfully make, help co own, or moderate a group? Well now is your chance you will be getting tips, hints, and real advice from someone that has been referred as the Groups Queen. Currently I own 10 groups and moderate 4. I have owned and moderated many various groups ever since groups were clubs in 1999. If you have any specific questions at anytime on any subject or point on this please feel free to reply to the post or email me at How Do You Make A Group? Once on the group’s page you click on the upper right corner where it says: start your group today. You click on that to get started on making your own group. The very first thing you have to do is categorize your group this is to help those to find a way to your group other than advertising it to your friends and any other groups you might be in. Once you figure out exactly where you want to place your group you click on the button place my group here.

Sudi Meets the World Article 3

Is book banning and burning still a thing of the past? Should we as a group of people be afraid that people who disagree with certain books might try to make the power were books are banned from libraries, schools, and other places? With the current story of one lady trying to ban the Harry Potter Book Series from her child’s school one would think that the burning times might not be such a thing of the past anymore. I personally felt the whole thought that someone would try to ban a book series that is fantasy related just due to it being about a wizard is a bit absurd at best, have we come to a world where we have to be afraid of what we write just because it might get banned when it is a writer’s creative license? Are we in danger that books like Harry Potter and countless others that are considered fantasy will be banned from our shelves just due to one person? Will we soon hear more Boards of Education and other places such as boards for libraries and other places on the subj

Sudi Meets the World Article 2

As I sat down deciding to work on my article for this month I seemed to be having not the problem of writers block, but more of a decision of what to write about for the month. I have such a good amount of things I could work on, and it seemed all the information I have on various articles I could do would be great, but there was one problem. It wasn’t what I wanted to use for this little column I have. Now, some might wonder why I would make such a fuss, when it will still be made an article. I wanted to do something special for this little column not to say the other articles aren’t special, but I felt that this was like my blog, a little bit of me in the world of life. There seemed to be so much on my mind, everything from the anniversary of September 11th which this year would be the 5th year since it happened, to the recent event of Steve Irwin’s passing. Not to mention that everything felt weird, this whole week I Have noticed that things were not going right and it seemed to st

Sudi Meets the World Article 1

Merry meet all! Great to have you here. You will find out I am a pretty easy going caring and try to be pretty smiley person. I've been very excited since I knew I would be a part of this so it's good to meet you all. I will be offering tarot readings, information on various Wiccan practices, herbs, Goddess and the like and how we deal with life on a daily basis in terms of our faith verses those of other faiths. Let me tell you a bit more about myself just in case you didn't read my bio on the website. My name is Mandy Shorb but you can call me Mandy or Sudi I'll answer to both. I have been interesting in Paganism since I was a sophomore in High School. I just recently have been getting more intoned with it again although I have been a member of a few groups that celebrate Wiccan and Pagan paths for a few months now. I am currently taking classes through Witch School which is wonderful some stuff I never knew about and some are great refreshers on things I did learn t