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Life As An Asthmatic Part 8

Asthma without insurance frustrating to no end but asthma with insurance can be just as bad. Although I finally received insurance thanks to the state of Oregon getting Oregon Health Plan Standard and being able to finally see doctors although receiving more answers than I had in the past on things going on I still feel frustrated as I did a few months ago. I still have to deal with explaining to a certain degree why I am not working or a thousand of other questions that run through. I am not fully complaining really but it can still be frustrating but it is why I created this blog to begin with I wanted to put some light on asthma and the life of an asthmatic or at least mine.

Lately even right before I got my insurance I knew my asthma was going more downhill, I didn't need doctors to tell me that I felt it. I tried to keep positive and prayed as much as I could between that time and was grateful when the OHP went through I remember the last few days and counting down to th…

Lessons Learned

Never discount true love,
Never forget that there are many types of love,
Never forget that true friends
Are there for you no matter what,
And are your family too,
Never judge someone by the outside,
For that can always change,
And times are always changing,
See what they can be,
Who they can be,
Believe in something,
Believe in something bigger than yourself,
Than anything else around you,
Don’t take less than the best,
Believe that even through rough times,
There are good times as well,
That the tests,
The trails,
The tribulations,
Can only lead to something better,
More beautiful,
More true,
More amazing,
Even if it doesn’t seem like it at that time,
Never forget to show kindness,
You never what it can do,
Who it can touch,
How it can make someone feel,
Even a small smile,
A small brightness in the day,
A light that shines through,
Even through the hardest times,
We all need to learn these lessons,
Simple yet true,
Simple yet complex,
Simple yet so much more,
Even through dark times,
Even through those hard times,

What Has Really Happened

What has really happened?
What has been here?
What has gone on?
What am I doing sitting here?
How did this happen?
How did I get to this point?
How did I not realize?
Know before?
What has really happened?
How did I come to this?
How did the feelings I felt,
Turn and come to this?
I was so happy,
So obvious,
And now I am here,
I am at this place,
What really happened?
How could this be?
How could I have lost so much?
And not even see?
This should be a wonderful time,
This time of the year,
A time to believe again,
To hope again,
And yet I am standing here,
Standing here,
That you would see,
See what is going inside of me,
Stop not taking the opportunity,
Stop not telling me what I need,
Tell me the words,
The emotions,
The needs,
The wants,
I need to hear,
What has really happened?
What has gone on here?
I love you my darling,
This much is true,
But I need something in return,
I need something now,
I cannot handle this anymore,
I cannot handle feeling alone,
I cannot handle feeling I am the only…