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I Never Told You (Adam)

I never told you how many times,
How many moments,
Were so hard to watch,
When you walked away,
And you left me without you,
I never told you the pain I felt,
Every single time we didn’t talk,
How it took every moment of my breathe,
The very depth of my soul,
The very end of my heartache,
To continue on without you,
Even through it all,
You were someone I always cared for,
You are someone I will always love,
A part of me is yours forever,
In the depth of my heart,
And although I’ll marry another,
You will always matter,
I will always care,
You will always be my best friend,
In this life,
You will always be someone,
I can count on through everything,
I never told you all the emotions,
All the feelings,
All that I have hidden within,
To be strong for you,
Through all the times,
All the moments,
You have had to deal with,
All those that have hurt you,
Hurt me as well,
Because even though,
We are just best friends,
You matter to me,
You mean the world to me,
You will always be my best friend,
You will always be the one,
That …