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Life As An Asthmatic Part 6

Life has a way of making things interesting. I have thought and prayed, and prayed and thought some more of how to do this blog what can I tell you about my life that not only could help me but help you? What can I tell you that will inspire your life and keep me going? Since the last blog the job I thought was going to be a bit more lasting ended leaving me a bit sad because I came to enjoy the people I worked with and although the hours were hard at times it was nice to have something that wasn't too stressful but sadly it ended up being a contract position that although both my boss and supervisor fought for me couldn't extend.

Soon after Troy and I went to our Pastor's house for the church I've now been going to for quite some months and I asked for God to come into my life and that I wanted to accept Jesus Christ as my Savior to forgive all of my sins. Although jobless at that time I felt uplifted and my mind at ease knowing that God was in my life. Since than…

Being Close To You

Being close to you,
Being by your side,
Being near you,
I feel it every moment,
I feel it every second,
I feel it every day,
The attachment that is between us,
The love that grows and grows,
The beauty that is possible,
The dreams that are held,
Everything that is good and beautiful,
Everything that is happy and lovely,
All these things are possible with you,
Being close to you,
Being by your side,
Being near you,
I feel the blessing,
I feel the joy,
I feel the happiness,
I feel the love in our hearts,
In our souls,
In every moment of our lives,
The attachment that is between us,
The love that grows and grows,
Strengths the bond that is between us,
Strengths the happiness that is between us,
Strengths everything that is between us,
Being close to you,
Being by your side,
Being near you,
I feel the eternity,
Of the life that is in front of us,
The life that God has brought us to,
The life that God will lead us on,
Strengths the attachment,
The bond between us,
The love that is within us,
By just being close to you.

Your Smile Sticks With Me

Your smile sticks with me,
Through every moment,
Every second,
Every hour,
Every day,
It shines on me through my dreams,
It wipes away any sadness that might come,
Your smile sticks with me,
No matter if the day is good or bad,
No matter if my asthma is being mean,
Your smile seems to keep me going,
Whenever we are together or apart,
And I can feel it with me,
Through the times when we are apart,
Your smile sticks with me,
When things are the most chaotic,
And when I feel like everything is going crazy,
And everything just doesn’t seem to be beautiful,
I just think of your smile,
And it brings on the happiness instantly,
It brings on joy and love,
Your smile sticks with me,
Through everything else in my life,
When the world is so crazy,
It slows everything down,
I feel the love,
The beauty,
The dreams,
The wonder of us,
And every day I am grateful,
Every day I am happy,
Ever day I praise God for you,
Because your smile sticks with me,
Through every moment,
Of every day with you.

Your Invention

When you made us you wanted us in your image,
You wanted to give us everything we ever needed,
You made us into a pair to be together,
To compliment each other,
Not this mess we see now,
We see people mistreating each other,
We aren’t grateful for the things around us,
And take bad care of the things you put us in charge of,
We don’t respect each other,
We don’t submit to your will,
It is a disaster it’s not what it should be,
We have come so far from what you gave us,
We could be happy and in joy,
Instead of sadness and sorrow,
We should have used our free will to glorify you,
And not be in the mess we are in,
We are your creation,
And we need your guidance,
More so now than ever,
There is so much in our world now,
So much pain and strife,
So much crying that could have been stopped,
But instead we choose to walk away,
From the love you gave us,
The way you made us,
The perfection we had,
We walked away from your grace,
And now all we can do is pray,
Except your Son as our Savior,
And pray for the day the world …