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Walking Through The Evening

Stars twinkle at the night sky,
We walk through hand in hand,
I keep on gazing into your eyes,
I breathe a sigh of contentment,
Feeling upmost peace,
Feeling the love that lingers,
Feeling the joy of every moment,
Rather it be the evening,
Or rather it be any other time,
This love has a deep meaning,
This love is solid and true,
This love is something that is more than superficial,
It has so many aspects,
We keep on walking through the evening,
Watching the stars as they keep twinkling,
Feeling comfortable,
Knowing as we walk through the evening,
That everything is at peace and quiet,
That we can just stand together,
Let nothing else bring forth any problems,
Just let the calm carry us through,
Because we have each other,
We know that we can stand together,
We will stand for each other,
Every single moment,
Every single day,
Every single night,
Every single evening,
Until the end,
Because we are meant to be,
This love of yours and mine,
We are meant for each other,
Forever as one,
You and I.

Now That I Have You

Now that I have you,
Now that you are in my life,
Now that you and I are together,
Now that I am your girl,
There is no need to look back,
There is no need to think of the past,
There is no need to worry about those memories,
Now that I have you,
Now that you are in my life,
You are everything I could have ever imagined,
You are everything I could have ever dreamed,
There is only looking forward,
To the life that we can lead together,
There is only looking to what can be,
What we have now that it’s you and I,
We have been together almost a year now,
And it has been one of the best years of my life,
And I know without a doubt,
And I know without needing a reason,
And I know with every part of my heart,
That you and I are forever,
That you and I are soul mates,
Now that I have you,
Now that you are in my life,
Now that you and I are together,
Now that you are my guy,
There is never a need,
There is never a reason,
There is never anything that will have me,
Look back on things too heavily,
To look back on things too …

The Last Time

The last moment,
The last day,
The time I cried those tears,
The last time I thought about you,
The last dream I had,
It seems so long ago now,
It seems so far away,
I barely even think about it,
I barely even reflect on it,
When I even talk about it,
I don’t talk with the sadness I once did,
I don’t talk with the anger I had,
The emotions aren’t raw like they were before,
It doesn’t hurt to think,
It doesn’t hurt to remember,
Because my life has fully changed,
My life has turned around so much,
I have found a new life,
I have found true love,
I have found a reason again,
I have found God,
That last moment,
That last day,
That last time those tears came,
The last time I really thought about you,
Is all a distant memory,
It is like another reality,
It is like another place and time,
I have found a way to forgiveness,
For all that went on in our life together,
I have given it all to God,
Asked him to forgive me for my part,
And let him help me forgive what happened,
Knowing that neither one of us are perfect,
That I am …