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Three New Poems

Well it's been awhile since I posted here but first I am going to post my new poems I have written before I post about what has been going on as of late.

Wedding Dreams Come True

A beautiful lovely day
Although filled with a little rain
And only a few of the many
We held dear was there,
It was a day of happiness,
It was a day of roses,
It was a day of tears of joy,
It was a day of combining
Of hearts and souls
That was meant to be
From the first moment
We had met and fell in love,
I remember how fast the time went
From the moment I awoke
To the time for me to walk
Through the house to the place
Where you stood,
You looked so handsome
And I looked and felt
Like your princess,
We spoke our vows,
Exchanged our rings,
Had our first kiss
As husband and wife,
The dream just began
And I know it will live on together
As long as we always remember
And work through everything.
I love you so much David
Happy one month anniversary
My dearest darling.

Dedicated to David Shorb

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