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My Crazy Life Lately

Emergency Thoughts Needed!! Current mood: worried Category: Life My very best friend of about 11 years just was in a car accident. Thankfully it sounds like he's okay he seems to be okay other than being a bit shoken up. He was rear ended. Thankfully he has good insurance and things will get covered by the other person. Right now he's eating his dad is with him he was able to get over there and call a tow truck for him. Just keep Adam in your thoughts. I am hoping that things will go okay with the car stuff and that things won't be too bad medical wise. So please keep him in your thoughts. On another note I applied for a job via craigslist that I can do at home. It's a customer service position that would be hourly. I could use thoughts and energies for that as well so that I can get something better than what I have now. Thank you. Quick Update On Adam Current mood: tired Category: Life As I told you guys a few days ago my best friend Adam was in a car