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Fools In Love

Maybe I am a fool in love, Who looks before really leaping, Who believes without knowing much, But I don’t care what people think, Or what people say, Or about possibily getting hurt, Because I know in my heart, And I know in my soul, That you are different than those others, With you I feel safer than I’ve ever felt before, I might have thought before things, Or emotions I feel now, But none of those even compare, None of those even come close, What I feel with you blows me out of my own mind, What I feel with you blows me out of my own soul, Maybe we are fools in love, But I don’t care, Because as long as I have you, As long as you are in my life, And as long as I know you care in my heart, I rather be a fool for the rest of my days, I rather have this happiness, This happiness that is brighter, Than anything I’ve ever felt, I felt like I am coming home, Coming home to where I belong, Whenever I hold you in my arms, Whenever I kiss you, Whenever you touch me, Whenever we make love, M