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I Loved You Once

I loved you once,
Once upon a time,
When things were different,
When my heart was younger,
When my life was much simpler,
I loved you once,
Choose to believe you over
People I had known for years,
Because I thought we would be together forever,
I thought we would be us forever,
I never thought that grey cold skies
Would end our relationship,
I never thought I would have to
Take all the strength and courage
In the deepest parts of my heart,
In the deepest parts of my soul,
To leave you behind,
I loved you once,
Once I would have done anything
To make you happy,
To make you want to be with me,
To make you do anything
To hold me once more,
To have you give me the love,
That I thought was deep in your heart,
But that has disappeared now,
The love has faded away like ashes into the wind,
The love has been casted out,
And I am left to move on,
I loved you once,
That I once while mad at another,
That truly does care for me
Dared to compare him to you,
But that has now gone away,
I will not let what once was,
The pain and the …