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To The Ends of the World

Together you and I will fly to the ends of the world
Just to have today alone just you and I,
Our fun will be the look in each others eyes
As we enjoy the pleasures of being in each others company
There will be no end to the happiness that is brought
From this silent but loud conversation of our hearts,
Happy are the two of us as we breathe slowly each other,
Hands and hands meeting together,
Lips on lips kissing each other,
Dreams and dreams brought together
Making the soul and heart bind together in love.
This is what dreams are made of these moments in time,
These moments that seem sometimes lost in space,
And the busyness of our lives,
But we must press on together you and I,
Even if we must learn to fly to other parts in our souls,
Because this love is sacred and it is strong,
And as long as we are together our love can never be wrong.