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Veteran's Sacrifice

Dedicated Lovingly to Troy's and My Grandfather's who were Veteran's. A veteran’s sacrifice, Is that they might not see their family, That they care about, That they love, That they miss with every breathe, And beat of their heart, All for our freedom, All for their freedom, All for the country, That has depended on them, They rise up from many walks, Of life, They are different people, From different backgrounds, And different thoughts, But they all serve for the same reason, And this veteran’s sacrifice, Is for our freedom, Freedom from hundreds of years ago, When people took a stand, On what they believed in, They took arms, Those husbands, Brothers, Uncles, Fathers, Sons, And now we see, Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Aunts, Daughters, Today we want to honor you, Thank you, Appreciate you, Give you the gratitude you lovingly deserve, Because this moment, This day, And in all other days, We want

Another View

Walking along the path, Come across a white and gray bridge, Made of old wood, And dark steel for the railings, Looking at the clear blue water, With leaves that have fallen, Green trees off to the close distance, Signs of the park nearby, City so far away, It seems as I look at the area near, With another view, Another view we should always take, Not just in nature, But in life, We should look even deeper, Than the surface that we see, We should take another walk, When we are roaming around, We should take a deeper perspective, And know more than just a few things, Not judging someone, Even when we know them, When we might not know, All they are dealing with, Difficulties we all have, Hardships we all face, But how we deal with them, How we handle them, Is different, What might seem to be whining, Could be venting, What seems like harshness, Could be concern, We need to sometimes take another view, Another view to t

Larger Field

Walking among nature’s path, I come across a larger field, A field vast and wide, With a little blue lake off the distance, Tall grass, Willows, Big giant green trees, Clear blue sky, As the sun touches everything, Wildlife all around, Even though most are hidden, This place I have come to, These places that nature has lead me to, I stand there quietly, Stand there looking out, Taking in everything, As I look out to the sky, To the trees, To the water, To the grass, And everything else around, I appreciate it at that moment, Thanking Him for all there is around, Taking in the beauty, Stopping for that moment, And stand in that larger field, For a moment, And feel rested, And renewed, By standing there, In that field, And taking in all He gave, For us to enjoy, And to take moments for, In our lives.