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Beauty Of Our Dreams

Every evening or day spent with you is wonderful,
We don’t have to go dancing,
We can just hold each other tight and dance,
To our own music,
Although going out to romantic dates are wonderful,
Just simply spending time together as a couple means more,
To me than flowers or candy,
Although a fancy dinner is nice,
Anytime with you is a wonderful date,
Every evening spent with you is wonderful,
Every day spent with you is amazing,
We may still be young in our love,
But you are everything,
Everything and more than I could have asked for,
You have become an unsung hero,
Someone who has brought to me hope,
Someone who has given me dreams to believe in,
Someone who has given me love to believe in,
Someone who has given me more happiness
Than I could ever wish for,
Every evening spent with you is wonderful,
Every day I feel our love grow stronger,
No matter what might come,
No matter what we have to deal with,
No matter what might try to stand in our way,
We will find a way,
I believe in us,
I believe in this love,
I b…

Good Evening Everyone

Okay well still evening for me at least. Things today started a bit slow was a bit bleh and just didn't have any energy I didn't sleep very well woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. But things did improve. Thanks to all your energies my mom was able to get a car. We have to come up with a down payment we did some today but will need to come up more but the good news is she won't have to make her first car payment until August 19th. I will probably take pictures of it while doing other pictures in order to try to help the money portion of the down payment we will be selling some things on craigslist which means I get to be photographer.

Other than that I will be spending some very well wanted and needed time with Alex since our Thursday got cut short and had to leave for his plans a bit earlier than expected. He was going to come here today but he didn't even get home until 6pm due to his roommate's car battery dying and all the fun of that and than of co…

It's A Dark Starry Night

It’s a dark starry night,
And here I sit without you,
I can imagine every moment with you,
I wish we were together,
Instead of you being so far away from me,
I can feel the desire burn inside my soul,
I can feel the passion build inside my heart,
I cannot wait until I can feel your passionate kisses,
As you hold me close,
And make the world melt away,
It’s a dark starry night,
And here I daydream about you,
Wishing you were here giving me those exciting kisses,
The ones I picture in my mind,
The ones I feel long after you have gone,
I am not quite sure what you have done to me,
Every moment now is filled with imagining you,
Enticing me with those caresses that cause shivers down my spine,
It’s a dark starry night,
And I am wishing you were here,
To hold me close,
To let our energy build,
As the energy builds,
I become breathless again,
And we melt into one,
As lovers and as friends,
It’s a dark starry night,
And my heart is beating for you,
My heart is yearning for you to be with me,
My heart is yearning for your…