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What Might Have Been

What if I waited longer for you to come home,
Would you have found me and made me yours again?
Would you have brushed away all the tears deep
In the lonely heart you left me when you vanished
Without a trace?
Would my life been changed and would I be
Where I am now?
If I stayed in touch with you,
Would we have dated?
Would we have told each other the feeling
In our young hearts and minds?
Would we had the courage to say that I like you
More than just a friend?
What would have happened if I turned around
Instead of walking away?
Would our relationship lasted longer?
Or did I prevent the enviable?
Would we have met with a kiss if I came back to you?
Or would I have decided that walking away
Was the best thing to do?
What would have happened if I didn’t listen
To a lot of people that gave me advice on relationships
How would that have changed where I am today?
There seems to be more questions than answers
On what might have been if things were different,
If I had taken a different path,
And I will never know the …