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Your silhouette speaks to me,
From the shadow of the sun,
I watch you carefully,
As you look to the orange sky,
I watch the outline as you blend in,
With the trees,
The rocks,
The plants,
Everything that is around,
As the yellow hits the sky,
The water sparkles,
And your silhouette sways,
And you turn to look at me,
The black shadow of your frame,
Disappears from view,
And you take me into your arms,
Hold me close to you,
Close enough for me to hear,
To hear your heart beat,
And race with mine,
The light sparkles again,
As both of our shadows speak,
Speak to each other,
As the shadows form with the rest,
Your silhouette speaks to me,
And becomes one with me,
As we stand there together,
With the sun coming down,
Beauty surrounds us,
As we embrace each other,
The yellow light strikes the sky,
The sun warms on our skin,
And we mold together,
Becoming one silhouette,
Casting its shadow,
Along the trees,
Becoming one with them,
As the sun sets lower,
And the sky changes,
And our image fade…

The Colors In My Heart

The colors in my heart,
They play a part,
In what comes to be,
They show a story,
That cannot be hidden,
From your view,
You seek deep within,
You seek,
You search,
You quest,
You come to me to conquer,
But you do not need to try,
Try too hard to look,
Or to see,
Because these colors of my heart,
They are a part of you,
Not just me,
When you look deep inside,
When you look into the view,
You will see that you,
You are within me,
The sunshine orange,
The yellow warmth,
The red love,
That shines through,
Beauty beheld,
By one’s love,
The colors in my heart,
They tell a part,
Of our story,
Of our love,
Of our being,
Of this beauty,
Of this forever,
We will stand there,
Hold each other close,
As the sun shines upon us,
Blessing us,
Blessing our union,
Blessing our ones,
Blessing every part of us,
The colors in your heart,
Help tell a part,
Of this story,
Of us,
Of the warmth,
Of the ever glow,
From every day,
From every moment,
From every part of our dreams,
It plays,
It shines,
It glows,


So many words for one emotion,
For one thing that causes so much pain,
The sun is going down,
The sun is going down on me,
Is there still hope?
Is there still love?
Is there still a belief?
Is there still something?
Something to hold onto?
The darkness is coming,
The light is fading,
I do not want to be taken,
Do not want to be taken in,
Taken away from this,
This life,
This love,
This dream,
Do not go!
I beg of you!
Turn away from that path,
Do not disappear into the night,
Into the past,
Into a moment where I cannot find you,
Do not disappear as the sun disappears,
From our view every day,
Of our lives,
You are fading from view,
I cannot let this come to pass,
Come back,
Come back to me,
Do not disappear,
Do not fade from my view,
Do not leave,
Because I love you,
I need you,
I must still be with you.

Eye Of A Phoenix

Eye of a phoenix,
Reborn from ashes,
Light brighter than darkness,
Storms vanished by one touch,
The mountains embrace the light,
Embrace the colors,
That leak on through,
The water bows to the depth,
Of the phenomenon that is coming,
Eye of a phoenix,
Beauty beheld,
The clouds fade away,
As the phoenix renews,
Gives birth to a brand new moment,
A brand new day coming,
The water turns silent,
Everything takes a breathe,
And everything breathes,
As the phoenix eye watches,
As the light starts to fade,
Darkness will come,
But hope is still there,
Hope is still in the depth,
Of the turning of the day,
Darkness is only temporary,
The eye of the phoenix,
Will bring the light again,
The light starts to slip,
Away from view,
And the world pauses,
To behold,
To breathe,
To believe,
To hope,
To dream,
That the light will always return,
Just as the phoenix comes again,
From the ashes,
Of what it once was,
To be born again,
To live again,
To come another day.

I Need You My Darling

I need you my darling,
I need you now,
I feel the electricity flowing,
My body is turning hot,
The energy pulses through my veins,
My heart is racing,
My body is aching,
I need you my darling,
I need you now,
Every moment I spend with you,
Deepens this feeling,
Day by day,
Every time I can hold you,
Every time I can caress you,
Every time I need that touch,
I come to you my darling,
Because you are the one I love,
The one I care for,
The one I believe in,
The one that has made all my dreams come true,
The one that will make all other dreams,
Become reality,
And those that I cannot even fathom
To the deepest corners of my mind,
I need you my darling,
I need you this moment,
I need to feel that touch,
Feel your caress,
Feel your hands on me,
Holding me close,
Holding me tight,
Making everything else disappear,
You are my everything,
You are my happily ever after,
Nothing else can truly compare,
I think of you with happiness,
With gratefulness,
With joy,
With a song in my heart,
And in m…