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First Thing In The Morning

First thing in the morning,
As I open my eyes,
I think about you,
Looking forward to,
Seeing you that day,
Or talking to you on the phone,
Or talking online,
Looking forward to that morning,
When you and I will be together,
And I get to open those eyes,
Look at you,
See your face,
Stare into those brown eyes,
And know we are finally,
Husband and wife,
First thing in the morning,
I pray to Him,
Speaking the words in my heart,
And in my soul,
Thanking Him for bring you,
Into my life,
Into my heart,
Bringing us together,
First thing in the morning,
I think about the day,
That is coming soon,
Where we will be joined,
To become one,
In front of our family,
In front of our friends,
In front of God,
And all that love us,
And care for us,
First thing in the morning,
I think about you,
Loving you,
Missing you,
Until the day comes,
When you and I,
Become husband and wife,
And I can than wake up,
In that morning,
Knowing I am your wife,
And you my husband,
And that we have been put together,
By …

Asking For Forgiveness

Asking for forgiveness,
That is what I ask,
I know I cannot ask you,
I know you will never truly know,
I know that this is all it will be,
These words on the page,
But there they are,
The words you will never read,
Or know,
And I must let that be,
Let that be okay,
Asked it from Him,
Took all my past,
And gave it up,
Told Him,
Prayed to Him,
Asked Him to please,
Please forgive me,
Know that I have done things,
Know I have sinned,
Know I have caused hurt,
A time or two,
Sometimes it wasn’t always easy,
And sometimes it wasn’t always bad,
And I know the difficulty even more now,
And I have grown since then,
It’s not a great explanation,
And I wouldn’t trust you to understand,
But I need to do this now,
Do this even if it is words,
Words on this page,
Asking for forgiveness,
Just to make anew,
I want to live my life for Him,
And I know this is something I must do,
Moving on in my life,
Starting something new,
Found true happiness,
Finding where I belong,
Found m…

I Want To Escape

I want to escape,
Want to go where we can be free,
Go where it is you and me,
Nothing else but us,
Not have to worry,
Not have to think,
Just be,
Holding each other,
Loving every moment,
Looking into each other’s eyes,
All there is with you and me,
I want to escape,
I want to be there,
Just with you,
Holding you,
Looking into your eyes,
Knowing how wonderful,
Life is,
I just want to escape,
Just leave everything else,
Just have you and me,
Without any distractions,
Without having to worry,
Without having to think of time,
Without having to leave each other’s side,
I just want to escape,
Just want to be with you,
And hold you tight,
Every moment,
Every second,
Every minute,
That I can,
And escape to the place,
Of being,
Of being with you,
Of being with you and me.

Listen To My Heart Beat

Listen to my heart beat,
Listen as it makes the sound,
Listen to the rhythm,
Is it very loud?
Does it tell you?
Can you hear?
Every single thought,
Every single dream,
Every single moment,
Every single part,
Loves you,
Cherishes you,
Believes in you,
Has faith in you,
Listen to my heart beat,
Hear the sound,
Can you feel it now?
Can you hear it now?
Do you see everything?
Within this heart of mine?
Listen to my heart beat,
Listen my dear,
Know that this feeling,
This emotion,
Will never change,
As I make this promise,
Make this vow,
Give my heart to you,
Hold you within my hands,
Care for you with all my might,
My strength,
My hopes,
My dreams,
With every trust,
I give to you my darling,
As we both trust in God,
So listen to my heart,
Be soothed by this,
This pledge,
This heart,
These words,
I love you my darling,
You can hear it in my voice,
See it in my eyes,
Hear it,
Hear it in my heart,
As you listen to,
Listen to my heart beat,
Beat for you.

At The Top Of The Stairs

At the top of the stairs,
There he waits,
As I walk close,
Step by step,
Eyes are on me,
It is our day,
Forever is about to start,
Once we say the vows,
And we become man and wife,
For the rest of our life,
At the top of the stairs,
There he waits,
Watching me with his eyes,
As I come closer,
Step by step,
His eyes are on me,
Looking at his bride,
Smiling nervously,
Everything fades away,
All the butterflies,
Leave from view,
Standing there,
Looking at me,
At the top of the stairs,
There you wait,
Waiting for me,
As I inch step by step,
Nothing else matters,
All there is,
Is you and me,
At the top of the stairs,
I walk those steps,
To meet you there,
To say those words,
To make that vow,
And become man and wife,
At the top of the stairs,
We start our life,
Make that step,
Start a new beginning,