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Please Still Be There

A New Poem I Just Wrote About Hurricane Katrina

Please still be there my friend,
I do not want to lose you in the waves end,
I don’t want to hear that you were taken
By the flooding waters rush,
Or that you could not get help somehow
As everything that you knew crumbled around you,
Please still be there my love,
Although we are miles apart,
I think of you everyday and want you home with me,
Although we cannot be,
I hope that you survived we are to get married,
Please still be there mom,
I know we haven’t talked in a long time,
And I am sorry for everything I ever said,
But you mean the world to me,
And I don’t want you dying just yet,
Please still be there dad,
I know that we don’t always talk,
I know that I will always be your little girl,
I know that we are far but near in our hearts,
And I miss you so,
But please be there for me,
Please be there for me to find you,
Please still be there my son,
I know that you went there to the coast,
To make sure people got out safely,
But please be careful and return to me…