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Like Seriously I Am DONE!

Okay time for a rant. I am seriously like done with certain things. I am soo beyond fucking tired of certain things I am putting my foot down. For a little bit I was friends with one of my friend's fiancee's ex (confusing I know) but I got tired of the whole wanting to know what was going on with those two and her not dropping things and moving on when they hadn't been together for awhile that I was like okay I am done.

I am also done with people that know her trying to put me in the middle of shit. LEAVE THINGS THE FUCK ALONE!! Seriously!! It's his life he's not with her anymore he's with the one he is with and is getting married and has a child with her. MOVE THE FUCK ON!! Just let things go already seriously. If you don't want to hear about things than don't listen. If you don't want to know about things than stop reading it. It is your choice but seriously I am done. I got enough shit going on personally and I care deeply about my friends that I …

Emotional Mess

Since I haven't written any poetry and I did post this on my myspace blog I am going to post both blogs I did over there here to put something newer here.Right now I feel like I am an emotional mess. I have sooo much that has been going through my mind especially as of late that I just don't think I can keep it to myself anymore. This year has been one of the harder years emotionally for me I have seemed to take some things that I took just fine in years or even year ago past harder this year. I don't know why but this year has been really hard as I think about past events or past things I have realized how hard this year has been for me and Adam both.

Adam has gone through about the same amount of emotional and other crap as I have. We both have gone through some shitty relationship stuff this year. He was in that car accident and mom and I been struggling on things the last few months. He had to deal with a move and the whole thing that surrounded that just kept on gettin…