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We All Fall

We all fall despite the walls around us,
We all fall despite the pain we’ve been through,
We cannot hide what is in our hearts,
We cannot hide what is in our souls,
Even though we have been through so much,
We cannot help but fall,
Fall into the arms of each other,
Fall into the embrace of each other,
Fall into the deepness that is us,
As your hands touch my breasts,
And you hold me deep within your arms,
As you push every so gently inside,
Making it impossible but to moan,
And scream out your name,
As you stroke the very depth of my insides,
All I can do is feel the pleasure,
And all I can see is us,
We all fall,
Fall into the embrace of the other,
Fall until we cannot stop it,
Fall until all there is nothing else,
Nothing but those moments,
Nothing but the warmness,
Nothing but the hotness,
Nothing but the wetness of us both,
We all fall despite what we have gone through,
Because this love,
And this moment,
This hot embrace,
This love making,
This dream of together,
Is meant to be,
And so we fall,
Fall into each ot…

Dreaming Of Spring

Laying into your arms,
Feeling the warmth of your breathe around me,
Feeling the warmth of your hands touch my body,
Feeling the warmth of your fingers dancing around my skin,
I want to feel the warmth just like the warmth of the sun,
That warms the ground,
The flowers,
And the air around as springtime comes,
With you around me there is no need to dream of spring,
No need to wish for lightness to return,
No need to wish for darkness to fade,
Because with every touch,
With every kiss,
With every embrace,
I feel the happiness that spring brings,
The lightness that comes,
The warmth as you surrond my body,
Reaching down to kiss me deeply,
Reaching down to touch every single part of me,
Reaching down to carass every part,
Playing me softly like a musicial instrument,
Taking every moment,
Taking your time,
Just to feel every part of me,
Stroking ever so lightly,
Than ever so deeper again,
Just to make it wet like the rain in springtime,
There is no need to dream of spring,
Because every time we touch,
Every time we to…

Brian Crowl: An Undiscovered Talent

Brian Crowl, also known as the Sitar Lover and Nightmare Sitarist, is not only an undiscovered talent of Sitar but also an undiscovered talent of guitar, drums, vocals, and much more. An underground musician that lives in Portland Oregon and has a Masters Degree in Indian Music Performance which is known to be an MPA PHD. This degree was earned through Chandrakhant Sabbathira's School Of Healing Arts. Brian has performed with many various people through the years such as Peevish, Mike Sprigo, The Sexy Water Spiders, Static Chair, Dancing Frog Battallion, Sub-Sic, Daemonation, Cephalatomac, Mick O'Grady Trio, Synnergy, Black Lagoon, Dj Neq, MC Boogerton, Nequaquam Vacuum, Societas Insomnia, The Razbar Ensemble, The Nightgaunt Ensemble, Black Magic Christmas, Egotronics, Ant Brain Worm, The Village Idiot Killers, Cynide & Laxatives, Eek And Bump, and many more.

His music career with other musicians started with Peevish which at the time was a two year old bad that was a…

Flames Ignite

Walking under the moonlight,
Watching the raven moon,
Darkness is around me,
But I see nothing,
The wind blows,
The birds come alive,
But nothing phases me,
Nothing breaks this moment,
As I stare into your eyes,
The sparks ignite again,
The emotions cannot be denied,
These feelings deep inside,
Walking under the sunlight,
The clouds seem to clear,
The light beats upon as both,
The warmth is around us,
But nothing phases this moment,
Rather it be darkness,
Rather it be light,
Rather it be pouring down rain,
As I stare into those eyes,
The sparks ignite again,
The dreams don’t seem
To be so far away anymore,
Fleeting away are the walls,
That chained me so for so long,
Walking under the moonlight,
Walking under the sunlight,
Either time is wonderful,
As I hold your hand in mine,
Ever going is the beating
Of this heart,
Ever going is the love within,
Let everything fade away,
Nothing can change this,
Nothing can stand in the way,
As our eyes met the flames ignite,
The passion builds,
And our souls entwine,
As we walk through t…

Light Through The Darkness

Wind carries through the darkness,
Going west,
Going east,
Going south,
Going north,
Carrying the unspoken words,
Carrying the unspoken dreams,
Carrying the unspoken memories,
Times have been hard,
The emotions have been raw,
Darkness tries to engulf
Everything in its path,
But the light that comes within,
Find a way somehow,
Darkness keeps on trying
But the light always keeps fighting,
Never will it rest
It will not let in wind,
Wind carries through the darkness,
Constant struggle,
Constant change,
We ride through the changes,
Trying to find the peace,
Trying to find the balance,
Constantly dealing with
Everything that stands in our way,
Wind carries through the darkness,
Carrying the moments of unrest,
Carrying the moments of the bliss,
The sadness,
The love that’s everlasting,
Wind carries through the darkness,
Wind carries through the light,
The light and darkness engage
Fighting never stopping,
Never ending
But the light keeps on going,
Because it can never stop,
It blows the darkness away,
Making the clouds disappear…