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Today's Life Wonders

What a day it has been, Where you don’t know if you want to be angry or upset, When you find out who really are your friends, And that someone that means a lot to you and someone else are gone, And when another doesn’t have much more time left in the world, When life seems to hit you with fast balls And you’re left wondering to be crying Or frustrated and mad at the way people you thought Once cared for you were treating you now, And you want to know could you cry Until the sea of life swallows you from the pain, And you want to know if you are angry enough That perhaps the pain from the death and soon death Will drown within your soul, And you don’t know what to think, And you don’t know what to do, And you don’t know how to feel How to feel anymore within the pain Or the anger that you feel, You want to be upset one moment And than crying the next, And you try to be strong, Strong for yourself, Strong for those others that mean so much to you, But you want to cry, And you want to scr