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The Story About Us

This is the story about us,
These are the words etched in history,
These are the sounds of our dreams,
These are the moments that will be
Remembered even in times
Past this moment,
And the next,
This is the counted history,
Of the moments that
Made us an us,
Our love is strong,
It is still newer than some,
But with the words written,
And with his guidance around us,
We know that nothing can
Tear apart our union,
We know we are strong
In His word,
As He is in control of our lives,
And so this is the story,
We met online through a free online site,
We started talking,
The next day we met,
We went to see a movie,
We started seeing each other
Every weekend
And we grew closer together
Spending time seeing movies,
Going to church,
Hanging out with friends,
And so our history grew,
And now almost a year to the date,
Of when we first met,
When I first looked into
Those wonderful brown eyes,
The day my life changed,
The day the history of us began,
Started the trend,
Started as a continuation,
Of all the best days in my life.

Partly Aware

So many of us are only partly aware,
Partly aware of all the things we really see,
Partly aware that there is so much more,
That we really don’t see,
Don’t try to realize that our Heavenly Father,
Has given us so much,
Even through all the trials and tribulations,
That He wants to use us,
Through our own will
And not because we want to turn against things,
But so many of us don’t really see,
So many of us don’t really know,
What it takes,
What is required,
What we can gain,
When we put Him in control,
We are only maybe partly aware,
Partly aware of the sin that has come,
The one that has separated us from Him,
The one that can be forgiven,
If we just come to the Cross,
And accept Jesus as our Savior,
And we repent all that has been done,
Our lives can have so much more meaning,
Than just making time for material things,
We can grow so much more,
If we focus on more than how much we have,
What we don’t have,
And all the things related to the earth,
If we more than partly aware,
We could be so much more,
There could…