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Ghost Memories

Rain falls down on the broken path of yesterday, Why do you still hunt my mind and my heart? The memories, The feelings, The harshness of yesterday, The pain of never knowing, The heart that wanted answers, The dreams always in the dark, You still are there in my heart, A piece of me cannot seem to let you go, No matter how long ago it was Since I lost heard your voice, Or saw your face, But I can still see it in my mind, My mind cannot seem the erase the memory, Or let go of the picture that plays in my mind, My heart although loves another and is happy, Still cannot forget how you made me feel, How things felt so perfect But than was torn apart And broken apart as if it never existed, As if the feelings were never there, As if you never existed but were just An imagination of my heart and soul, But I know deep in my heart you were real, The pain you left was real, The memories are real, The dreams are real, How you seem to scream my name over and over Again in my dreams are real, Wil