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All I Want For Christmas is You

Forget about the presents,
Forget about the stockings,
There is only one thing I want,
Want for Christmas this year,
I want to be in your arms,
I want to hold you tight,
I want to make the world brighter,
Just for a while,
To be with you my darling,
To give you love and comfort,
Nothing else matters my dear,
As each day passes I miss you even more,
I miss your voice,
The smiles I felt when you were with me,
Spending time together,
No matter how it came,
You complete me my darling,
Nothing could dare to compare,
You have my heart always,
Even if you are away,
My thoughts,
My dreams,
My emotions come back to you,
Because all I want this Christmas,
All I ever need,
Is to have you back,
Back home to me,
If only I could travel to your arms,
Everything would be beautiful,
Everything would be brighter,
Forget everything else about this season,
All I want for Christmas is you,
All I want is to be near you,
To hold you close to my heart,
To give you all the love you need,
And all the love I want to give you,
I love you my darlin…