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You Came into My Life

You came into my life, Like a whisper on the wind, Like a quiet moment, If the world was calm, If time had stopped, And then suddenly you were there, You came into my life, Just as if I was awaking from sleep, So calm and gentle like a breeze, Flowing through my inner most being, You spoke to me, Cut down every defense, Ripped apart any hurt, And walked so easily inside, You came into my life, Like sun breaking through the clouds, Like a spring rain soaking through, Like the first touch of summer sun, Breaking all the cold away, Setting my heart free, Burning away the chains, Giving me comfort and peace, Reaching into the depths, Like no one before, You came into my life Throwing away the haze, Banishing the shadows, Warming me through and through, Giving me hope, Giving me peace, Giving it all, Supporting me through, Not shying away from the emotions, And giving all I had ever desired, Because you came into my li