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Without Limits

Without limits is my love for you,
Doesn’t matter the space,
The distance between us,
Miles my separate us,
Infinity my darling,
That word is more than a word,
It’s the depth of emotions,
It’s the depth of my heart,
My heart,
My love,
My arms,
My dreams,
Everything in my life is complete,
A complete circle of love,
Of a love so deep,
So pure and true,
Without limits my darling,
Our love grows stronger,
Our love grows deeper,
We build this love for infinity,
For forever,
For always,
Nothing else matters,
With our two hearts combined,
Into this love that is beyond,
Beyond words,
Beyond emotion,
Beyond time,
Beyond what the world may bring,
Our love is beyond any limits,
It reaches past through the hardships,
Through the distance,
Through the cards of this world,
Without limits this love,
This peace,
Our oneness,
We are infinity my love,
Nothing can break us,
Because our love is stronger,
Stronger than what the world,
What people,
What life there is,
We are a never ending circle,
Circle of love,
For infinity.

You Are My Inspiration

You are my inspiration,
You are the beauty behind my dreams,
Every time I hear those songs,
The ones that you played for me,
Every time I hear you say I love you,
Every time I hear your voice,
Every time I feel you near,
You show me again how wonderful life is,
You are my inspiration,
You are a light in this dark world,
A light that shines through every day,
Every moment we talk,
Every time I see your name,
My face lights up,
I smile brighter and deeper,
Than I have ever smiled before,
I feel happiness like I have never felt,
Before you came into my life,
That moment you came into my life,
I knew my life was forever,
And completely changed,
And ever since that moment,
I have felt inspired like never before,
Words seems to flow through my being,
Even easier than they ever did before,
You are my inspiration,
Your love,
Your whole being,
Your very depth of your soul,
Has given me so much to believe in,
So much to be thankful for,
So much to be happy for,
Rather it was destiny,
Rather it was fate,
Rather it was by pure ci…

I Want To

I want to wake up beside you,
Your strong arms holding me tight,
Keeping me safe and warm,
I want to be beside you as you open,
Those lovely green eyes,
As they gaze into mine,
As you reach and touch my lips,
With soft quivering bliss,
Holding me tightly to you,
You tell me you love me.
And the emotion of your love,
Shines as bright as the sun,
I want to have it so when I awake,
And when I fall asleep,
That you are the one I am holding,
The one I am kissing ,
The one that sets my heart ablaze anew,
Every moment ,
Every single day,
Every time you are with me,
And all the times you are not,
You my darling are my heart,
My true blessing,
My everything in this world,
I want to be there always,
Stand by your side,
And hold on tight,
Every moment,
Every day,
For the rest of our lives.

Miles May Separate Us

Can These Words Be Enough

Wherever You Go

Wherever you go my darling,
Wherever you are in this life,
Wherever you may be in this world,
I am always next to you,
I am always in your heart,
I am always with you every step of the way,
You have given me so much to hope for,
So much to inspire for again,
So much to believe in again,
So much to find joy in,
You have made my life so much brighter,
You have brought the colors back,
The ones that had faded into the background,
The ones that I thought lost forever,
Wherever you go my darling,
Wherever you are in this life,
I want to be with you always my darling,
I want to hold you close and tight,
I want to just snuggle up to you,
And hold you to me every single moment,
And be with you every single day,
You make my life so much better,
So much brighter and new again,
You have given me so much to believe in again,
And I know that my heart truly belongs to you,
I will always be yours my darling,
Every single moment that we are together,
The bound grows stronger,
The depth becomes deeper,
The love grows stronger,