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The Best I Ever Had

Sort of in the tune of Vertical Horizon's song of the same name or at least that was the inspiration of this piece.
So the memories sail away out to the grey sky morning,
Sometimes the pain feels like it is going to stay,
Through the cold and winter,
It feels unfair now that you are gone now,
My life feels so cold because you were the best
I had ever had,
They say that time heals all wounds,
But they never met you my dear,
You stole my heart right away,
From the first moment you spoke my name,
And I remember that night,
When our love felt like it would last,
But than before I knew it you seemed
To be nothing but a distant memory,
Oh how it hurt those tears I cried,
I didn’t want to let you go,
Wanting to just go and hide,
But the pain was so much to bear
And I know you would have wanted
Me to be happy,
But it still didn’t feel the same
The way it should have now,
Because you were the best I ever had,
Sometimes it still feels like a dream
As if it isn’t real now,
As if the moments we had are caught up
Deep i…