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My Personal Goal Statement

This is the Essay I wrote for Argosy for getting into my Master's Program I will be starting in January.

Even at a young age when I was in grade school I knew that I wanted and was going to accomplish a lot of great things. When I was a child I was actually in special education until I was in the 4th grade due to having a motor skill problem I was born with and a speech problem. My motor skill problem prevented me from holding a pencil correctly and would at times cause hand pains as it does still to this day if I have to write too much by hand therefore as I am writing this I type everything. With that and the speech problem which people never seem to notice most of the time I worked very hard to get out of special education in grade school.

This is just one of many examples I have of where I have worked toward a goal that most would thought impossible. I came from a single parent household with a father that decided he didn’t want anything to do in my life but I worked throu…


Over powering,
Ever compressing,
Never comprising,
Touches every part,
Of moments,
Of life,
Of dreams,
Of places,
Of people,
All over the world,
All over from young,
To old,
To everyone in between,
And every emotion in between,
We all feel them,
Some more than others,
Some less than others,
It depends on the circumstances,
That one might go through in life,
We all feel them,
We all sense them,
Some of us express them,
Some of us hide them,
Some of us seem to feel them all,
Some of us seem to feel others,
As they go through the hardships,
As they go through the joys,
As they go through every moment,
Ever flowing,
Ever going,
Ever changing,
They live within us,
They are always there,
Part of us always,
Through this life,
Waiting to rise,
To the surface,

Stars Aligned

Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through to her heart,
Through to her soul,
Through to her mind,
Through to the innermost being,
To the depths that most couldn’t touch,
Couldn’t even see,
Couldn’t even try to find,
To sense,
To feel,
To know the depth of her,
Stars have pushed aside to let him through,
Through the walls she had built,
The ones miles,
And miles around her heart,
The ones that some tried to go over,
Some went over a few,
Some helped build,
Some broke through,
But was rebuilt through other things,
He didn’t really know it,
He didn’t even see,
That when she met him,
She was close to a moment,
Where she felt to give up,
She was tired of the walls herself,
She was tired of the hurt,
The pain,
Everything that she was put through,
She didn’t know if she could handle it,
If she could go through it again,
And then there he was,
He took her by surprise,
Got her heart going,
Just as if there was never any walls,
Any pain,
Anything that was wrong in her life,
Stars have pushed aside to let him through,

Other Side Of The Fence

Sometimes we all need to look on the other side,
Sometimes we all need to see other points of view,
Even when we don’t agree,
Even when we want to argue,
Even when things don’t seem to make sense,
In our eyes,
As part of our lives,
There are moments we have to be bigger,
Than what we really are,
To push aside the differences,
And to walk along another side,
We might not always understand,
We might not always see,
But sometimes we got to take that moment,
But sometimes we got to take that chance,
And look at the other side of the fence,
Look to see that although you might not agree,
And although there are times to disagree,
That we all are human beings,
We all have emotions,
We all have feelings,
We all have times of loss,
We all have times of hardships,
We all have times of gain,
We all have times of joy,
There are those that are truly corrupt,
And truly evil,
But we have to remember that not all things,
We might believe in is so easy,
As black and white,
There are so many shades of gray,
And we don’t always know,