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When The World Seems Against You

When the world seems against you,
When everything seems dark,
When every moment seems to be heartache,
And you feel you cannot rest,
When exhaustion seems to be,
An everyday occurrence,
When tiredness seems to set in,
And nothing else is left,
Keep on going,
Keep it up,
Keep your head held up high,
Even if you do not know,
What you are fighting for,
You can keep going,
Through it all,
Even when the world seems against you,
When the world seems against you,
And nothing seems right,
When joys seem to be fading,
And do not want to last,
When happiness seems like a dream,
From yesterday,
And not reality within your heart,
Your mind,
Your soul,
Each moment,
Seems to be rougher,
Than the moment before,
Do not give up,
Keep on going,
Keep it up,
Keep your head held up high,
Through the darkness,
Through the daze,
Through the rain,
Of the people who want to bring,
Bring you down,
Bring you to that part,
Where you do not want to believe,
And when that world is against you,
Wants to put every r…

Swirls Upon Swirls

Swirls upon swirls,
Our life swirls,
Our dreams swirls,
Our moments swirl,
We go through this,
Through good times,
Through bad times,
Through darkness,
Through light,
We dance,
We flow,
We bump,
We laugh,
We cry joy,
We cry hurt,
We swirl,
Swirls like life,
Keep on flowing,
Keep on going,
Day by day,
Light upon light,
Depth upon depth,
We prance,
We dance,
We sway,
We flow,
Through each moment,
Through each day,
Through each other,
Upon the way,
Upon the life,
We all live,
Through this journey,
On this world,
Swirls upon swirls,
When looking high,
When looking from a distance,
That we take,
Day upon day,
Moment upon moment,
Every single day,
As we move through this life,
Swirl upon swirl.

The World In Our Hands

We all hold a part of this world,
In our hands,
We hold the world’s hopes,
And everything that is part of our world,
We hold the world in our hands,
Even if it feels big,
But there is a part of us,
That is within our core,
We all need to take a moment,
We all need to take time,
To remember how we affect,
The world around us,
We must try to care for it,
Even through the difficult times,
We all hold the world in our hands,
It depends on us,
Needs us,
Believes in us,
We need to find a way,
To keep the peace,
Realize the worth,
Of everything around us,
We can all do our part,
All we have to do is reach,
Reach out,
Reach out our hand,
Our hand to hold,
Each person we touch,
Each person we come in contact with,
Each person that is within our grasp,
Because every one of us,
Every one of us is important,
And it takes every person,
Every one of us,
That extends our hands,
Extends our hands beyond,
Beyond where we l…